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Daybreak (Gegen Ende der Nacht)


A terrible crime takes place in the Sengbach Valley in Baden-Wuerttemberg in August 1945. A family of five is found murdered, the daughter is hanging from a tree head first. and her naked back is covered with SS-runes. Dave Gladbaker, a German Jew who emigrated to the USA and is an officer in the American Secret Service CIC is entrusted with the investigation of the case. It becomes more and more obvious for him and the German police captain Fehleisen who is assigned to him that the assault is a disastrous mistake. Obviously, the murderer mistakenly thought the daughter of the family to be a former concentration camp matron who had fled to Baden-Wuerttemberg from Poland at the end of the war. During further investigations Gladbaker comes across Karin Katte: She also escaped from the East during the last days of the war and her strange behaviour makes her the main suspect. Nevertheless, there is an almost magic attraction between Dave and Karin. Dave, who lost his parents in a concentration camp, is on the verge of being destroyed by his inner conflicts between love and distrust.
Genre Drama
Category Feature
Year of Production 1998
Director Oliver Storz
Cinematography Hans Grimmelmann
Juergen Lenz
Werner Fischoetter
Cast Bruno Ganz, Stefan Kurt, Karoline Eichhorn, Felix Eitner
Producers Brigitte Diethard, Thomas Martin
Production Companies Maran Film/Baden-Baden, SDR/Stuttgart, in co-production with ORF/Vienna, SRF/Zurich
Runtime 103 min
Format 35 mm, color
Sound Technology Dolby
Festivals Montreal 1998 (in competition)
With backing from MFG Baden-Württemberg

World Sales
Bavaria Media International