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Cosmic Station

Cosmic Station
photo © Pelle Film Productions

Mount Aragaz in Armenia: At 3,500 m one can find the remnants of a prestige project of the Soviet Union – the Aragaz Cosmic Station. Like astronauts in a spaceship, a few scientists continue their research, hoping for a sensation: The discovery of unknown galaxies.
Category Documentary, Short
Year of Production 2008
Director Bettina Timm
Screenplay Bettina Timm
Cinematography Alexander Riedel
Bettina Timm
Daniel Kluge, Edouard Stork
Producers Bettina Timm, Alexander Riedel
Production Company Pelle Film/Munich
Runtime 30 min
Format 35 mm, color
Subtitled Versions English, German
Sound Technology Dolby SR
Festivals Nyon 2008, Oberhausen 2008, Karlovy Vary 2008, FIDMarseille 2008, Leipzig 2008, Vancouver 2008, Tampere 2009
Awards German Short Film Award 2008 (Best Documentary), Munich 2008 (Best Documentary), ALCINE – Alcalá de Henares 2008 (3rd Prize European Competition)

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