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THE BEAUTY is a poetic journey through a fascinating underwater world, where plastic and nature become one. For just one moment our concerns and feelings of guilt dissolve between eerily beautiful coral reefs and the mysterious depths of the ocean.
Genre Animation, Social Spot
Category Short
Year of Production 2019
Director Pascal Schelbli
Screenplay Pascal Schelbli
Cinematography David Iskender Dinçer
Animation Noel Winzen
Producers Tina Vest, Aleksandra Todorovic
Production Company Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg
Runtime 4 min 14 sec
Format DCP, color, cs
Festivals Naturvision Ludwigsburg 2019, Moscow Shorts 2019, Filmkunsttage Sachsen-Anhalt 2019, Beijing Student Film and Video Festival 2019, Biberach 2019, CineMaiubit Bucharest 2019, FICMA Barcelona 2019, Aesthetica York 2019, Cinemare Kiel 2019, Filmschoolfest Munich 2019, London Eco Film Festival 2019, interfilm Berlin 2019, Filmschau Baden-Württemberg 2019, Clermont-Ferrand 2020, Anima Brussels 2020, REGARD Saguenay 2020, MECAL Barcelona 2020, Kinofilm Manchester 2020, Filmfest Dresden 2020, ITFS Stuttgart 2020, Animafest Zagreb 2020, Animafest Zagreb – World Festival of Animated Film 2020
Awards Gold Screen - Young Director Award 2019, Best Animation Short Moscow Shorts 2019, Audience Award Cinemare Kiel 2019, Outstanding Film Award Beijing Student Film and Video Festival 2019, 2nd Award Climate Clips Filmschoolfest Munich 2019, Best Narrative Short London Eco Film Festival 2019, VES Awards 2020 – Outstanding Visual Effects in a Student Project, Short Tiger 2020, STUDENT ACADEMY AWARDS 2020

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