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Scene from "Akteur" (photo © 2006 Krein Simon Schloesser)

The stage actor Peter Novan is an avid observer of his environment. But most of the time he just sees what he wants to see. And although he seems obsessed with the theater, he has never been trusted with playing a leading role. Then he gets to play Macbeth - King by murder. The day of the premiere arrives and Peter is less in shape than ever. Some people just function properly with their back against the wall.
Genre Psycho Thriller, Melodrama
Category Short
Year of Production 2006
Director Andreas Krein
Screenplay Dirk Stoppe
Cinematography Felix Cramer
André Hartmann
Friedemann von Rechenberg
Benedikt Herré
Cast Arnd Klawitter, Julie Braeuning, Michael Schoenborn, Nora Jokhosha
Producer Jean-Young Kwak
Production Company Simon & Schlosser/Cologne
Runtime 15 min
Format Super 16, color
Subtitled Version English
Sound Technology Stereo
With backing from German Federal Film Board / FFA Filmförderungsanstalt
German Distributor Simon & Schlosser/Cologne

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