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After the Truth (Nichts als die Wahrheit)

After the Truth

One of the greatest challenges the legal system has ever faced. Dr. Josef Mengele, one of the most wanted Nazi war criminals turns himself in to the authorities to tell his "truth" to the world. A battle between conscience and evil...

It's one thing to judge Josef Mengele from the standpoint of history, to demonize him basing solely on the documentation of his inhuman and horrible medical experiments. After The Truth presents us with Mengele's hypothetical trial, which forces us to review that judgment. The responsibility of our sense of right and wrong is mirrored in the film by the attorney Peter Rohm, whose idealistic belief in the legal system conflicts heavily with his emotional resistance to defending such a monster. The viewer is presented with Josef Mengele the man, flesh and blood, and must hear him out as he quite emotionally and rationally states the reasons for his work. As Mengele's testimony proceeds, the indignation of our conscience is aroused, yet we cannot help but perceive him as human, like ourselves, with passions and a purpose. To defend himself is his legal right and we must listen, somehow impartially. Is it possible he can convince us of his innocence? At the very least the viewer must consider the man, monster or not ...and his motives.
Genre Drama
Category Feature
Year of Production 1999
Director Roland Suso Richter
Screenplay Johannes W. Betz
Cinematography Martin Langer
Peter Adam
Cast Kai Wiesinger, Goetz George, Karoline Eichhorn
Producer Werner Koenig
Production Company Helkon Media Filmproduktion/Munich, in co-production with Edward R. Pressman Film/New York
Runtime 120 min
Format 35 mm, color
Sound Technology Dolby SR
Festivals Toronto 1999, San Sebastian 1999, Sudburry 1999, Chicago 1999, Mar del Plata 1999, Palm Springs 2000, Brussels 2000, Puerto Rico 2000, Goteborg 2000, Berlin 2000, Santo Domingo 2000, Santa Barbara 2000, Hyogo-Awaji 2000, Valenciennes 2000, Singapore 2000, Moscow 2000, Calgary 2000, Aubagne 2000, Warsaw 2001, Ankara 2001, Rio 2002
Awards Best Director Aubagne 2000, Jury & Student's Award Valenciennes 2000, Best Actor Brussels 2000
With backing from German Federal Film Board / FFA Filmförderungsanstalt, FilmFernsehFonds Bayern, BKM
German Distributor Nil Film Art & Entertainment/Munich

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82041 Oberhaching/Germany
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