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photo © Maex Chaos 2013

Production Report featured in
German Films Quarterly 04/2013

Independent – Courageous – Unconventional. That’s the motto Austrian-born writer-director Jakob M. Erwa adopted during the making of his award-winning graduation film ALL THE INVISIBLE THINGS of 2007. He is now following a similar strategy for his second feature HOMESICK.

“I have always been a great fan of trying out new ideas,” Erwa explains. When I was 12, I managed my first band and also did the marketing. Using crowdfunding now is a way of involving the audience at an early stage and for them also to have some creative input.”

Teaser trailers were made in order to attract investors’ contributions of up to €2,000 via the crowdfunding platform and, if the financing comes together by the end of October 2013, Erwa plans to shoot the psychological thriller in Berlin over 20 days in November.

HOMESICK centers on the young and ambitious cellist Jessica who has been invited to compete at the Classics Awards in Moscow. She practices for hours on end in the new flat she is sharing with her boyfriend Lorenz. But the emotional pressure takes its toll, and soon the boundary between reality and fantasy seems progressively blurred as Jessica’s preparations for the competition become more obsessive and her next-door neighbors behave in increasingly absurd and alarming ways.

“We spent a long time on the casting of the two leads, the figure of Jessica is in practically every scene and undergoes an extreme emotional journey during the film,” says Erwa. “What’s more I was looking for an actress who could play the cello in a credible way.”

German actress Esther Maria Pietsch proved to be the ideal casting choice for Jessica as she had played the violin as a child, while the boyfriend Lorenz will be played by Matthias Lier who has appeared on stage in Graz, Munich and Berlin in addition to numerous film and television roles.

Genre Thriller, Psycho Thriller
Category Feature
Director Jakob M. Erwa
Screenplay Jakob M. Erwa
Cinematography Christian Trieloff
Cast Esther Maria Pietsch, Matthias Lier
Producer Jakob M. Erwa
Production Company mojo:pictures/Berlin
Shooting Dates November-December 2013
Festivals Kolobrzeski Suspense Film Festival 2016
Awards Best Feature Debut Kolobrzeski 2016
With backing from Cine Art Kultur/Styria, Stadt Graz Kultur, Crowdfunding via Startnext

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