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Production Report featured in
German Films Quarterly 01/2018

Shooting wrapped at locations in and around Karlsruhe towards the end of last year on writer-director Savas Ceviz's feature film directorial debut KOPFPLATZEN. Max Riemelt – who had previously worked with Ceviz on an episode of the GG19 – DEUTSCHLAND IN 19 ARTIKELN omnibus film – is cast as the 29-year-old architect Markus who harbors paedophile tendencies and yet tries with all his might to suppress these secret desires. When the single mother Jessica and her eight-year-old son Arthur move into the flat next door, the temptation for Markus to give into his inclination becomes ever greater – especially after he makes friends with the new neighbors...
Genre Drama
Category Feature
Director Savas Ceviz
Screenplay Savas Ceviz
Cinematography Anne Bolick
Cast Max Riemelt, Isabell Gerschke, Oskar Netzel, Luise Heyer
Producers Christoph Holthof, Daniel Reich
Production Company kurhaus production
Shooting Dates November-December 2017
With backing from MFG Baden-Württemberg

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