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Director Henner Winckler (photo © Annette Hauschild)

Production Report featured in
German Films Quarterly 04/2005

The fact that both Henner Winckler and his co-author from Klassenfahrt Stefan Kriekhaus are currently both fathers of toddlers had more than a passing influence on their new project Lucy, which cranked up production at locations in Berlin at the beginning of September.

"Since we both have small children, we tried to organize our writing around them," explains Winckler, "and so it was somehow logical that we should include this subject of raising children into the new film, especially when you come to the kindergarten with the children and see other [parents] who are fifteen years younger than yourself who seem to be managing alright having children. It made us curious to know what kind of conflicts there could be."

Lucy focuses on the attempt of the 18-year-old Maggie to live together with her new boyfriend Gordon who, however, is not her child's father. She tries to create a family situation with him, but comes to realize that the child is a problem for the new relationship. What should she do with the child? Give her to her mother to look after? What would be the best solution?

Winckler recalls that he looked for some time for the right person to play the young mother and was then given a tip by casting director Ulrike Mueller to look at a short film which featured Kim Schnitzer. "Initially, I wasn't so sure because she looks very young and wondered whether one would believe that she has a child," recalls Winckler who enjoys the opportunity to work on a film based exclusively in Berlin. "I find it much easier to be shooting here," he says, while admitting that "it is perhaps a bit more difficult switching between the roles of the film director and father when I come home from a day's shooting. But I really know the places where we are shooting, I don't have to drive three hours to have a look at them and then just get a superficial impression – these are places I drive by every day."

Lucy marks the second collaboration with the Berlin production company Schramm Film after Klassenfahrt and has already secured theatrical distribution for Germany through Piffl Medien.

"I always hope that when you come out of the cinema, you'll have the feeling of having gotten to know someone," says producer Florian Koerner von Gustorf on what the audience could take away from the film. "I always think that is the nicest thing. It's something we managed in Gespenster, Marseille and the other films, getting close to someone, but not in a pushy way."

Genre Drama
Category Feature
Year of Production 2005
Director Henner Winckler
Screenplay Henner Winckler, Stefan Kriekhaus
Cinematography Christine A. Maier
Bettina Böhler
Reinhild Blaschke
Cast Kim Schnitzer, Feo Aladag, Gordon Schmidt
Producers Florian Koerner von Gustorf, Michael Weber
Production Company Schramm Film Koerner & Weber, in co-production with ZDF Das kleine Fernsehspiel
Format 16 mm
Sound Technology Dolby SR
Festivals London 2006, Ghent 2006, Thessaloniki 2006, Goeteborg 2007
With backing from BKM, Medienboard Berlin-Brandenburg
German Distributor Piffl Medien

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