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photo courtesy of Filmtank

Production Report featured in
German Films Quarterly 03/2012

DIE ORDNUNG DER DINGE unfolds to show an entire cosmos surrounding the basic concepts of sorting and systemization, and how they can also turn into a genuine challenge, a large promise, perhaps even one of salvation, once the elusive and impossible goal has been achieved, of course. Sometimes, the search can also turn into a journey into the unknown.

DIE ORDNUNG DER DINGE visits locations at which the film’s protagonists try, using the most varied methods, to establish some kind of system; the front garden, the living room, an archive, government offices, computer centers and company headquarters. In so doing, a dynamic all of its own develops.

Audiences are there when the filmmakers struggle to sort and systemize something down to the last detail. Not only is the madness of each attempt made palpable, it is also possible to discover an entire individual beauty hidden in, for example, the national microbe collection or statistics relating to discarded drink cans. Surprisingly, too, the question as to whether the project’s originally stated goal can ever be possibly achieved, often appears to play no further role whatsoever.

Sometimes, time and place themselves are forgotten; one simply gets lost in the cabinets of wonder of a reality that appears complete, more harmonious and more perfect that the world outside.

Things turn problematic, however, if the own-dynamic of organization is realized in the monstrous large-scale and long-term projects of the state and business. Absent-mindedness, which is harmless in the hobby room, can turn out to be fateful when it comes to socially relevant questions. It is this thin line, between the almost poetic losing oneself in passionate meticulousness and the absurd Kafkaesque machinations of bureaucratic planning fantasies which DIE ORDNUNG DER DINGE dares to tread.

Genre Society
Category Documentary
Directors Jürgen Brüger, Jörg Haassengier
Screenplay Jürgen Brüger, Jörg Haassengier
Cinematography Sven O. Hill
Producer Thomas Tielsch
Production Company Filmtank/Stuttgart
Shooting Dates December 2011-July 2012
With backing from BKM, Filmförderung Hamburg Schleswig-Holstein, Film- und Medienstiftung NRW, German Federal Film Fund, ZDF/ARTE

Thiemo Hehl
Friedrichstrasse 23 a
70174 Stuttgart/Germany
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