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On the set of ROADCREW (photo © Koppfilm)

Production Report featured in
German Films Quarterly 01/2010

ROCK’N’ROLL!!!!!!!! Which red-blooded guy or girl hasn’t dreamed sometime of being a roadie, living the rock’n’roll life, doing the backstage and technical work for some mega band, enjoying a constant supply of beer, hot and cold running groupies, infrequent showers, getting to wear a laminated Access-All-Areas badge and searching for the perfect bacon sandwich?

ROADCREW is the directorial debut and graduation film of Olaf Held, who now picks up the story: “Since the mid-1990s many of my friends from Chemnitz have been working in various roles for several German concert agencies. Rooted in the Karl-Marx-Stadt punk scene, they were happy to have work after the Wall came down, work that wasn’t of the full-time kind, especially as was compulsory in the socialist system.”

Axel, Tino, Jan and Marco are ROADCREW’s heroes, each one portrayed and showing what it feels like to grow older in a youth culture where the battle cry used to be “Live fast, love hard and die young!”

Being a roadie was the perfect job: it provided money and the feeling of freedom, as well as fitting the image of a punk rocker! But now, aged mid and late 30s, things have changed. “After 15 years touring and physically hard work, they’re showing the first signs of wear and tear,” Held explains. “Jobs often go to younger colleagues, they need more time to rest and they’re feeling their age in an industry when mentally they want to still hold on to their familiar, and youthful, lifestyle.”

“This is a coming-of-age film,” Held continues, “in which the protagonists are no longer teenagers but still have to reshape their future anew. I show their daily life whilst on tour, what it’s like to spend months in a bus with little possibility of privacy. You get to see in front of and behind the stage, with some very cool events. The guys talk about their own impressions of life after the GDR, their everyday existence and the lifestyle that’s so closely tied up with it, as well as how they manage a family life with their children, girlfriends and wives and what they do in their spare time.”
ROADCREW also marks another kind of graduation: “We are ramping up our own production activities,” says producer Niklas Baeumer. “This is one of the first films from Koppfilm Productions, a subsidiary of technical service provider Koppfilm, which accompanied, as a co-producer, Aleksandr Sokurov’s RUSSIAN ARK.” Among Baeumer’s previous credits is PINGPONG, which played in the Critics’ Week sidebar in Cannes in 2006.

Genre Society
Category Documentary
Year of Production 2010
Director Olaf Held
Screenplay Olaf Held
Cinematography Johannes Louis
Benjamin Dickmann
Producers Niklas Baeumer, Anne-Kathrin Gliese
Shooting Dates Leipzig, Chemnitz, Berlin, Magdeburg and others, July – December 2009
Sound Technology Dolby Stereo
With backing from Medienboard Berlin-Brandenburg, Mitteldeutsche Medienförderung

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