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Production Report featured in
German Films Quarterly 02/2012

At this year‘s Berlinale Cornelia Grünberg’s feature documentary FOURTEEN about four young women who decided to keep their babies at the age of 14 premiered as an ‘out of competition’ screening in the festival’s Generation 14plus section.

However, this is not the end of the story: together with another four filmmakers at the Berlin-based production house 14P Hoffmann & Merten, she is now planning a trilogy which will show the four women at the ages of 18 and 28.

In the second documentary, titled 18, Grünberg wants to show “the development of two generations against the background of a very early responsibility – not only for one’s own life, but also for the life of another human being. These four girls came to a decision on life and death as 14-year-olds. They opted for life.”

Looking ahead, Grünberg says that she intends to follow Fabienne, Steffi, Laura and Lisa until they are 28 and their children are 14: “Normally, people start at this age in our society to think for the first time about whether and when they want to have children. So, time to look back at the decision our protagonists took then, and at the life which was changed and influenced by this decision. How do the 14-year-old children see their mothers? Would they themselves have a child at this age if they were pregnant?”

Meanwhile, parallel to the production and development of these two films, producer Martin Hoffmann has developed four patents for interactivity motivated by content. A dedicated website will present the film in interactive form a week before its DVD release. This will then be the first publication with this technological innovation.

“The interactivity will only be made possible with new technologies and ideas,” Grünberg explains and predicts that the innovations they are developing with well-known local industrial partners will “completely change television from 2013 and secure Germany an important position in entertainment media.”

Genre Coming-of-Age Story, Tragicomedy, Family Entertainment
Category Documentary
Director Cornelia Grünberg
Screenplay Cornelia Grünberg
Cinematography Heiko Merten
Cast Lisa Brown, Laura Keller, Stephanie Schmolz, Fabienne Renaud
Producers Heiko Merten, Martin Hoffmann
Co-Producer Cornelia Grünberg
Production Company 14P Hoffmann & Merten/Berlin
 German, English
Shooting Dates Spring 2012-Summer 2013
With backing from BKM

14P Hoffmann & Merten GbR
Hobrechtstrasse 67
12047 Berlin/Germany
phone +49-30-284 724 441