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Manfred Wilhelms was originally a painter and photographer before undergoing a complete metamorphosis into a self-taught filmmaker and cinematographer. As a part-time student, he took part in seminars given by Helmut Faerber on the films of Griffith, Ozu and Renoir. He has made numerous short TV features and the documentaries: Licht singt tausendfache Lieder (1985), Die Loreley (1988), Menschenrechte (TV, 1989), Rostige Bilder (1990-1992), Route des Crêtes (1993), Die Rennstrecke (1994), Laufen um zu leben (1995). His omnibus film Berlin - You Stranger, You Beauty (1995-2001)includes the following films: Berlin - Pictures of a City ,A Tale of Two Cities, The Legend of Potsdamer Platz, Nightwalk, Street of Culture, Pictures of a Veiling, and Where is the Flair.