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Anthony Vouardoux was born in 1975 in Sierre. He studied at the ECAL in Lausanne and graduated in 2002. Today, he lives and works in Berlin. His films include: the shorts LES TARTINES (2003), M. BASILE (2003), GREED (2003), BLACK LIGHTS (2004), CÉSAR (2004), JE SUIS TRÈS HEUREUX (2004), DANCE ALONE (2004), LE WESTERN LE PLUS COURT (2004), LA LIMACE (2005), ROGER, ELMER & OLAF (VON À LA CHASSE) (2005), BOULY LE CAMPEUR (2006), LE MAITRE DU MONDE (2006), NE ME QUITTE (2007), and YURI LENNON'S LANDING ON ALPHA 46 (2010).