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Bertram Verhaag was born in 1944 and studied Sociology and Political Economics. After working at the Munich City Council's town development department, he attended the University of Television & Film Munich. In 1976, he founded the production company DENKmal-Film with Claus Strigel. A selection of their films includes: WHAT'S THIS CALLED LOVE (1978), REALLY TOO MUCH (1983), NUCLEAR SPLIT (1987), RUNAWAY (1992), BLUE EYED (1996), THE CROSS-OVER ARTIST (1997), THE AGRO REBELL (2000), THE LAST MAN ALIVE (2001), 86,000 SECONDS - SOMETIME SOMEDAY IN AMERICA (2002), THUNDERBIRD WOMAN - WINONA LA DUKE (2003), LIFE RUNNING OUT OF CONTROL (2004), LIFE IN PLASTIC (2008), and SCIENTISTS UNDER ATTACK - GENETIC ENGINEERING IN THE MAGNETIC FIELD OF MONEY (2010), among others.