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Joachim Tschirner was born in Wittenberge in 1948. He studied Aesthetics and Cultural Theory and began working at the DEFA Studio for Documentary Films in 1975, making his first film in 1980. His documentaries include: Say: Heaven. Even When There's None (1984), Canto General: The Great Song of Pablo Neruda and Mikis Theodorakis (1983), At the End, the Concert (1985), A Small Piece of Germany (1991, with Klaus Salge & Lew Hohmann), Kein Abschied - nur fort (1991, with Lew Hohmann), Maxhuette-Cycle (1987-1991), On the Seventh Day Over the Syr Darja (1992-1995), Sieben Tage - Da unten am Indian River (1995), Tapping (1993-1997), The Aral Sea - Where the Water Ends, the World Ends (1998), and Yellow Cake (2005-2010).