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Monika Treut was born in Moenchengladbach in 1954 and studied Literature and Politics at the University of Marburg, graduating with a PhD in 1982. A selection of her films includes: SEDUCTION: THE CRUEL WOMAN (1985), VIRGIN MACHINE (1988), MY FATHER IS COMING (1991), FEMALE MISBEHAVIOR (1992), EROTIQUE (1994), DANISH GIRLS SHOW EVERYTHING (1996), DIDN'T DO IT FOR LOVE (1997), GENDERNAUTS (1999), WARRIOR OF LIGHT (2002), ENCOUNTER WITH WERNER SCHROETER (2003), JUMP CUT – A TRAVEL DIARY (2004), TIGERWOMEN GROW WINGS (2005), MADE IN TAIWAN (2005), GHOSTED (2009), THE RAW AND THE COOKED (2012), and OF GIRLS AND HORSES (2014). In between films, she serves as a visiting professor at colleges and universities in the US.