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Daniel Díaz Torres was born in 1948 in Havana/Cuba and is one of the most eminent directors in Cuba today. He studied Political Science at the University of Havana and has worked since 1968 at the Cuban film institute ICAIC as a directing assistant, critic and instructor. He is also chief editor of the ICAIC's cinematic weekly publication. He presented his first film Jíbaro in 1985, but it was his third film Alicia en el pueblo de maravillas (1991) that brought him international recognition and the DAAD Artist's Program scholarship in Berlin. Despite the political turbulence in his homeland, he is the only director in Cuba today who has been able to continue to direct his own films without having to accept commercial or ideological concessions. A selection of his films include: Libertad para Luis Corvalán (1975), Otra mujer (1986) and Little Tropikana (1997) among others.