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Wolfgang Staudte was born in Saarbruecken in 1906 and died in Slovenia in 1984. He appeared as an actor on the stage for Max Reinhardt and Erwin Piscator. Working at the East German studios DEFA after 1945, he became widely known with the very first German postwar feature film, The Murderers Are Among Us (Die Moerder sind unter uns, 1946), and subsequently continued with such films as Rotation (1949), the Heinrich Mann-adaptation The Kaiser's Lackey (Der Untertan, 1951), and The Story of Little Muck (Die Geschichte vom kleinen Muck, 1953). Staudte's decision, however, in 1955 to continue his work in the West forced him to compromise with commercial demands. In Roses for the Prosecutor (Rosen fuer den Staatsanwalt, 1959) and Stag Party (Herrenpartie, 1964), he returned to his critical stance, connecting the fascist past with West Germany's present.