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Antje Starost studied Education and is a graduate of the German Film & Television Academy (dffb). Since founding Antje Starost Film Produktion in 1980, she has been active as a producer, writer and director. Her films include: MARIKA AND CATERINA (1981), SCHUHMANN (1985), WURLITZER OR INVENTING PRESENT TIME (1985), PAINTING IS LIVNG - FRITZ KÖTHE (1987), FACES (1988), DEM (1989), CHAUPI MUNDI - THE HEART OF THE WORLD (1992), THE DIPLOMAT (1995), ELENA UND PANCHA (2000), MUMMY'S BOY (2003), STÉPHANE HESSEL (2008), 7 OR WHY I EXIST (2010), and LOVE IN THE TIME OF RESISTANCE - FREYA (2016).