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Hanno Olderdissen was born in 1976. After being a show jumper, working as a male nurse at a mental hospital and studying Sociology he finally made it into the film industry. From 2000-2004 he gained experience in cinema and commercials as a dolly grip, location manager and 1st AD, and started directing his own shorts. From 2004-2007 he studied Directing at the ifs international film school in Cologne, graduating with the award-winning short ROBIN. In 2008 he began working with fellow director Markus Sehr, directing commercials and virals. Also active as a screenwriter, his other films include: TAME AS A LAMB (short, 2004), CROSSCOUNTRY (short, 2006), COMFORT ZONE (short, 2006), his feature debut FAMILY COMMITMENTS (2015), and LASSIE COME HOME (2020).