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Sebastian Mez was born in 1982 in Essen. He was a trainee at a film production company and directed several social spots and short films. In 2007, he began studying Documentary Film at the Baden-Württemberg Film Academy. The same year, he directed his first documentary film about the death penalty in Texas, DO THE RIGHT THING. His films include: PURE WATER (social spot, 2003), the shorts RELOOP (2004), THE TEARS OF EROS (2005), CLEAN UP (2008), PERCEPTIO (2008), ERINNERE DICH ANS FLIEGEN (2009), IM NEBEL EIN WEG (2009), A LETTER FROM GERMANY (EIN BRIEF AUS DEUTSCHLAND, 2011), BRASA (2012), and his graduation film METAMORPHOSEN (documentary feature, 2013).