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Joe May was born in 1880 in Vienna and died in 1954 in Hollywood. He began his film career in 1912 with In der Tiefe des Schachtes. In 1915 he founded his own production company in Berlin, May Film, and started the "Joe Deebs" detective series Das Gesetz der Mine. Like so many artists at the time, May emigrated via London to Hollywood in 1933. A selection of his other films includes: Der Man im Keller (1914), Hilde Warren und der Tod (1917), Veritas vincit (1919), Das wandernde Bild (1920), Tragoedie der Liebe (1923), Die letzte Kompagnie (1930), Ihre Majestaet die Liebe (1930), Ein Lied fuer Dich (1933), and Johnny Doesn't Live Here Anymore (1944), among others.