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Ulli Lommel was born in 1944 in Berlin. A director and an actor, he has been working in the USA since 1978. As an actor, he has been in 33 films, including 11 by Rainer Werner Fassbinder, who also produced two of Lommel's own films, Tenderness of the Wolves (Zaertlichkeit der Woelfe, 1973) and Adolf and Marlene (1977). In 1975, he met the German producer Jason Pohland and directed Second Spring (Der zweite Fruehling, 1975) with Curd Juergens, and Ausgerechnet Bananen (1980), a comedy starring Anna Karina. Later Pohland introduced him to Andy Warhol. Lommel then stayed in New York and Los Angeles and directed Blank Generation (1979), The Boogeyman (1980), Olivia (1981), and Brainwaves (1982). Later, he worked together with Pohland on Heaven and Earth (1987), Smile in the Dark (1991), Eva Braun - Home Movies (1996), Death Before Sunrise (1996), and September Song (2002), among others.