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Mirjam Leuze studied Cultural Anthropology and Film, Theatre and Television in Cologne and Bishkek/Kyrgyzstan. Working as a freelance journalist for various television stations and as a director at a Cologne-based production company, she gained broad experience in the documentary field through projects filmed around the world. Her first feature-length documentary, FLOWERS OF FREEDOM, premiered in 2014 at the 64th Berlinale and was nominated for the 2016 German Human Rights Film Award and the 2014 Cinema Fairbindet Prize. Her other films include: REICHTUM GEHT – ARMUT BLEIBT, BERGBAU IN PERU (2006), HOFFNUNG BRAUCHT ZUKUNFT (2007), GNADENLOS BILLIG – DER HANDBOOM UND SEINE FOLGEN (2008), FREMD IM EIGENEN LAND (co-dir, 2010), GOLDENE ZEITEN – DAS TRÜGERISCHE GESCHÄFT MIT DEM GELD (2010), and her latest documentary feature THE WHALE AND THE RAVEN (2019).