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Fritz Lang was born in 1890 in Vienna and dies in 1976 in Beverly Hills. He celebrated his first success during the Weimar Republic, reacting to the massive political and social changes of the time and integrating them into his work. He left Germany in 1933, emigrating via France to the United States. His best known films from his work in Germany include: SPIDERS (1919), THE PLAGUE IN FLORENCE (1919), MADAME BUTTERFLY (1919), THE WANDERING IMAGE (1920), KÄMPFENDE HERZEN (1920/21), DESTINY (1921), DAS INDISCHE GRABMAL (1921), DIE NIBELUNGEN (1922-1924), METROPOLIS (1927), THE SPY (1928), WOMAN IN THE MOON (1929), M - A TOWN IS LOOKING FOR A MURDERER (1931), THE TESTAMENT OF DR. MABUSE (1933), and many more.