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Jochen Hick studied Film at the Hamburg Academy of Fine Arts and in Italy from 1981-1987. He has worked in almost all aspects of film production, including as a sound technician, director of photography, writer, director and producer. He co-founded the company Galeria Alaska Productions in Hamburg with PC Neumann, and has been sole owner since 1995. His films include: Moon Over Pittsburgh (Mond ueber Pittsburgh, short, 1985), Gerd Hansen, 55 (short, 1987), Via Appia (1990), Welcome to the Dome (documentary short, 1992), Menmaniacs - The Legacy of Leather (documentary, 1995), Sex/Life in L.A. (documentary, 1998), No One Sleeps (2000), and Talk Straight - The World of Rural Queers (Ich kenn keinen - Allein unter Heteros, 2003).