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Claudia Heuermann studied Art and Design at the FH Trier from 1985-1989. She then studied Media Art and Film at the Academy of Media Arts in Cologne from 1990-1993 and served as an assistant
director on Peter F. Bringmann's Heaven or Bust and as production manager on Susanne Ofteringer's Nico-Icon.
Her film Sabbath In Paradise received the Prix du Long Métrage at the Nyon documentary festival in 1997. Her other films are: The Pilton Pyramid Project (experimental video/installation, 1989), Artcrack (documentary short, 1991), Torture Garden (music clip, 1991), Face Control (short, 1992), Nolava (short, 1992), Nachspiel (graduation film, 1993), Forty (short, 1993), Leng Tch'e (music video, 1995), and Sabbath In Paradise (documentary, 1997).