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Helmut Herbst was born in Escherhof (Rheinland) in 1934 and studied History of Art/Archaeology from 1955-1961. He founded the cinegrafik studio in Hamburg in 1962 and has since made over 18 hours of animation films for German TV stations as well as children's films and documentaries. He was a founding member of the Hamburg Filmmakers Cooperative and the Hamburg Film Office, and has been teaching at the Academy for Design (HfG) in Offenbach since 1985. His films include: Eine regnerische Nacht in Potsdam (1970), John Heartfield, Fotomonteur (1977), 1968 Kunst/Protest/Happening (1980/81), Zwischen den Bildern (1981), Eine deutsche Revolution (1981), Die Serpentintaenzerin (1992), and The Bride of Heaven (Die Himmelsbraut, 1997).