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Thomas Heise was born in 1955 and trained as a printer from 1971-1973. He began to work at the DEFA Studio for Feature Films from 1975 as an assistant director for filmmakers like Heiner Carow and Juli Raisman. In 1978, he began studying at the University of Film & Television in Potsdam-Babelsberg (HFF/B), but broke off his studies in 1982. Since then, he has worked as a freelance writer and director, and also as a contributing director at the Berliner Ensemble theater since 1991. A prolific documentary filmmaker, a selection of his films include: THE HOUSE (DAS HAUS, 1984), PEOPLE’S POLICE (VOLKSPOLIZEI, 1985), IMBISS SPEZIAL (short doc, 1989), IRON AGE (EISENZEIT, 1991), JAMMED – LET’S GET MOVING (STAU – JETZT GEHT'S LOS, 1992), BARLUSCHKE (1997), NEUSTADT/JAMMED – THE STATE OF THINGS (NEUSTADT/STAU – STAND DER DINGE, 2000), FATHERLAND (VATERLAND, 2002), CHILDREN. AS TIME FLIES (KINDER. WIE DIE ZEIT VERGEHT, 2007), CONSEQUENCE (GEGENWART, 2012), STAEDTEBEWOHNER (2014), and HEIMAT IS A SPACE IN TIME (HEIMAT IST EIN RAUM AUS ZEIT, 2019).