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Nenad Djapic was born in former Yugoslavia in 1948, and he studied film at the university in Prague. In 1972 he moved to Berlin, where he continued his studies in the theory of art. Since 1974, he has worked for film, television and theatre productions as a director, author and dramatic advisor. His first full length feature film Peter Gombas Lehr- und Wanderjahre was made for ZDF television in 1981, and was followed by Tu was, Kanake! (1982), Haus Excelsior (1984), Die Rache (1985) and Bosna Express (1997). Djapic's television work has also included several series and short films for children, and one of his features made for cinema, Wie klaut man einen Schwan, (1995) is also aimed at a young audience. He has completed documentary work in several countries, including an appraisal of the war in Serbia and Croatia filmed in 1991.