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Peter F. Bringmann was born in 1946 and studied at the Academy of Television & Film (HFF/M) from 1968-1971 and made his directorial debut in 1974 with No Reason For Unrest (Kein Grund zur Unruhe). He directed the TV series A House For Us (Ein Haus fuer uns), the TV film Invitation To The Dance (Aufforderung zum Tanz) and the box-office hit Theo Against the Rest of the World (Theo gegen den Rest der Welt, 1979). His other films include: The Day Elvis Came To Bremerhaven (Der Tag, an dem Elvis nach Bremerhaven kam, TV, 1978), Die Heartbreakers (1982), The Snowman (Der Schneemann, 1984), Gambit (TV, 1986), African Timber (1989), Morlock (TV, 1991), Heaven or Bust (Die Sturzflieger, 1994), Vater wider Willen (TV, 1995), Babes' Petrol (Die drei Maedels von der Tankstelle, 1996). From 1997 onwards, he directed several episodes of the German TV-series Tatort, Starkes Team and Schnapper.