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Eva Maria Bahlruehs was born in Eutin/Schleswig-Holstein in 1960 and studied German and History at the Free University in Berlin from 1979-1983. She has been attending the German Film &Television Academy (dffb) since 1987 and served as an assistant director for Martin Theo Krieger (Herz ueber Kopf, 1988) and Guenter Rometsch (Die Hosoya-Methode, 1992) as well as assisting Katharina Thalbach on the staging of "Minna von Barnhelm" at Berlin's Schiller Theater in 1991. She directed two shorts Es koennte alles so schoen sein ... (1989) and Warum ich mir das Wort Fatalismus nicht merken kann (1991) before working from 1993-1994 on her graduation film Mein lieber Mann, which was awarded the Eastman Support Prize at the Hof Film Festival in October 1994.