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Angeliki Antoniou was born in Athens in 1956 and studied Architecture from 1974-1980. She has been living in Berlin since 1983 and attended the German Film & Television Academy (dffb) from 1984-1989. Her 1992 film Donusa received the "Prix de la Jeunesse" at the Locarno Film Festival and prizes for Direction and Acting at the Thessaloniki Festival. Her films include: The Night Of The Snake (short, 1984), Unter fremdem Himmel (short, 1985), Liebe auf den letzten Biss (short, 1986), Persephone (short, 1986), Gefangene des Meeres (1989/90), Donusa (1992), Verspielte Naechte (Nights, Gambled Away, 1996/97), Heimlicher Tanz (TV, 1999), Allein unter Männern (TV, 2001) and Messerscharf - Tödliche Wege der Liebe (TV, 2002).