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Dario Aguirre was born in 1979 in Ecuador and moved to Germany in 2000. He studied Visual Communication & Media at the University of Fine Arts in Hamburg. In addition to his studies, he was involved with TIDE TV and organized workshops and program series in collaboration with ambulart e.V. In 2006, he received a grant from the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) in recognition of his outstanding academic achievements and extraordinary dedication to social and intercultural issues. A selection of his films includes: LORENZ (short, 2004), MY LAST DAY AS A FICTIVE PERSON (short doc, 2005), BODYFRONT (short doc, 2007), SCHLAFLIED FOR EINEN RÜCKKEHRER (short doc, 2007), CONNECTED BY DRUMS (short doc, 2008), FIVE WAYS TO DARIO (doc, 2009), and CESAR'S GRILL (2013).