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Yury Winterberg and Jan Peter co-founded their independent production company L.E.Vision in Leipzig in 1993 and share credits for a number of TV documentaries including The Octopus (1996), Heirs Of Al Capone (1997), Soul Murder (1997), The Torn Curtain (1999) and Measuring Time - A History (1999). They made their feature film directorial debut in 1998 with
Over The Rainbow and have another three projects in development: the adventure comedy Moon Dream, romantic thriller Dear Death and Euro-thriller L'Etat de Soleil. Jan Peter was awarded the 1999 Bavaria TV Award and the Hans Klein Media Award for his direction of Insurrection of Dreamers (1999). For The Torn Curtain, Peter and Winterberg shared the 1999 Hanns Seidel Award for Young Journalists.