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Peter Weck was born in Vienna in 1930, studied at the Max-Reinhardt-Seminar from 1951 and made his debut on the stage in 1953. Since then, he has played over 200 roles for film and television and directed more than 100 TV productions. One of his biggest successes was the series Ich heirate eine Familie in 1983. He was talk of the town when he served as Intendant of Vienna's Vereinigte Buehnen from 1981-1991, producing musicals like Cats and A Chorus Line. His films as director include: Hilfe ich liebe Zwillinge (1969), Nachbarn sind zum Aergern da (1970), Wenn mein Schaetzchen auf die Pauke haut (1971), Mensch aergere dich nicht (1972), Hauptsache Ferien (1972) and Lady Thieves (Diebinnen, 1995).