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Ottokar Runze was born in Berlin in 1925 and worked as an actor at the Deutsches Theater from 1947-1950. He served as the director of the British Centre's theater in Berlin from 1951-1956 and was then a freelance director on German stages until 1963. He has been an independent film producer since 1968 and began writing and directing feature films and television plays since 1971. His films include: Viola und Sebastian (1971), Der Lord von Barmbeck (1973), Im Namen des Volkes (1974), Das Messer im Ruecken (1975), Verlorenes Leben (1975), Die Standarte (1977), Der Moerder (1979), Stern ohne Himmel (1980), Feine Gesellschaft - Beschraenkte Haftung (1981), Die Hallo-Sisters (1990), Linda (1991), Hundred Years of Brecht (Hundert Jahre Brecht, 1997), and Der Vulkan (1999).