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Beate F. Neumann was born in 1966 in Rostock. After a seminar at the Ernst Busch acting school, she studied Directing at the "Konrad "Wolf" University of Film & Television in Potsdam-Babelsberg, followed by the Master School Drehbuch scriptwriting seminar with Don Bohlinger. A selection of her films includes: Nie im Abspann: Harald Fuessler (documentary short, 1987), Vom Teufel geritten (short, 1987), Kellerasseln (documentary short, 1989), Auf dem Drahtseil durch die Jahrhunderte (short, 1989), Im Schatten der Mauer (documentary short, 1990), Nora - eine szenische Collage (short, 1991), Maquillage (short, 1993), Unterwegs (1996), Wimarer Werte - heute? (TV documentary, 1999), Antonia im Wunderland (documentary short, 2001), her feature debut Zeit nach der Trauer (2003), Strasse Brasil (documentary series, 2006), and Moscow's New Nuns (Die neuen Nonnen von Moskau, documentary, 2009).