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Richard Ladkani , an award-winning director and cinematographer, has completed over 35 international documentaries filmed in some of the most remote regions of the world. He has worked on wildlife films such as Encounters With the Great White Shark, as well as on political films like Escape Over The Himalayas, a 30-minute film about Tibetan refugee children that won 15 international awards. He has also worked on big-budget historical documentaries involving large-scale re-enactments, such as Judas the Traitor and The Crusaders, as well as character-driven personal films shot on location in remote places such as Uzbekistan (A Love Story from Samarkand), Vietnam (Return to Saigon), Cambodia (The German Foreign Legion in Indochina) or Peru (The Secret of the Andean Healer). A 20-part series titled Monasteries of the Danube River earned him both Austrian and Italian cinematography awards for Best Picture. The Devil’s Miner his latest feature documentary which he directed and photographed won over 20 international awards at prestigious festivals around the world. It also had a successful US and European theatrical release and was nominated for Best Documentary by the European Film Academy.