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Sandra Kaudelka was born in 1977 in Leipzig. She began training as a diver in the fourth grade and went on to become the GDR champion in her age class in 1989. After studies in Film & Theater at Humboldt University in Berlin from 1999-2004, she studied Directing at the German Film & Television Academy Berlin from 2005-2012. Her films include: WICK-A-WOO-ARE YOU READY (doc, 2004), DINNER FOR KALLE (DINNER FÜR KALLE, doc, 2005), WONDERLAND (WUNDERLAND, short, 2006), KÖNIGSKINDER (short, 2007), BESUCH ZUM MITTAG (short, 2007), IN TIMES OF THE BOOM (IN ZEITEN DES BOOMS, short, 2008), PIANO LESSON (KLAVIERSTUNDE, short, 2010), and her graduation film I WILL NOT LOSE (EINZELKÄMPFER, 2013).