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Martin Hansen was born in Kiel in 1960 and studied Photography and Film in Braunschweig from 1982-1988. He co-founded his production company KARO Film with Thomas Bartels in 1985 and has been based in Hamburg since 1991 working on his own films as well as as an editor or cameraman other projects. His work includes experimental shorts (Spin, 1986; Kopfzerrbruchstueck, 1987; Parru, 1988), animation films (Ragout, 1990; Im Schatten des Padyshah, 1991) and short features Simulacren - Markt der Schatten (1985), Anhaltender Stillstand (1987) and Zimmer 22 (1995). The 1996 film Hotel Morgana is his first full-length feature film.