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Felix Duennemann worked as a freelance film journalist at various private radio stations from 1987-1993 and attended the Academy for Television and Film (HFF) in Munich (Film & Television Drama Department) from 1989-1995. He made a documentary on the DOCUMENTA art exhibition, Kunst ist das, was ich erkennen kann, in 1982, his TV drama debut in 1995 with Der Mann, der Angst vor Frauen hatte for SWF, and his first feature for the cinema with Caipiranha in 1997/98. His other films include the shorts C'est ça (1990), Dogs on Wheels (1992), Amphitryon (documentary short, 1993), AIDS (social spot, 1994), Hennessy-Report (TV feature, 1994), and Siemens Top-Bewegung (industrial short, 1995). He has also worked as an AVID editor on various TV productions and directed commercials.