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Rolf Silber was born in Seligenstadt in 1953 and made several documentaries and features during his studies at the German Film & Television Academy (dffb) in Berlin, including Brokdorf - Protokoll einer Besetzung (1976), Frankfurt, Bankfurt,Punkfurt (1978) and his graduation film Specht (1980). In 1980, he was a co-founder of Frankfurter Filmproduktion and co-owner of the company until 1990. He has worked with screenwriter Rudi Bergmann since 1991 and published his first novel Helter Skelter in 1993. His films include Keine Startbahn West (documentary, 1981), Kassensturz (1984), Lauter nette Nachbarn (TV, 1989/90), Fuenf Zimmer Kueche Bad (TV, 1990), Ausgespielt (TV, 1992/93), Ein unmoeglicher Lehrer (TV, 1993), Willkommen in Babylon (1994), Real Guys (Echte Kerle, 1996), Doppelpack - Das Duell (TV, 1998) and Ein Sommertraum (TV, 2001). He has been particularly active as a script-writer in recent years, mostly for TV formats.