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Florian Opitz was born in 1973 in Saarbrücken and is a freelance documentary filmmaker, author and journalist. After studies in History, Psychology and English in Cologne and Heidelberg, he started working for several European broadcasters. He also instructs Documentary Film classes at different German universities. His films include: JACK KEROUAC – THE LIFE OF THE WRITER (1999), WOMEN IN HITLER’S ARMY (1999), TIBET – MYTH AND REALITY (2001), GOLIATH’S NIGHTMARE – PROTEST AGAINST GLOBALISM SINCE GENUA 2001 (2002), BLOOD FOR OIL. THE WARS FOR THE BLACK GOLD (2003), THE HUNT FOR THE KILLER VIRUS (2005), THE LAST DAYS ON THE WESTERN FRONT (2005), THE BIG SELLOUT (2006), and SPEED – IN SEARCH OF LOST TIME (2012), among others.