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Jochen Kuhn was born in 1954 and studied Art in Hamburg. He has been involved in filmmaking, painting, screenwriting, composing
scores and photography since 1972 and has also lectured in Germany, England, Austria and Australia. He has been a professor at the Baden-Wuerttemberg Film Academy since 1991. In 1991, he received a German Film Award in for Der lautlose Makubra, the 1991 Hessian Film Prize for Die Beichte, and another German Film Award in 1992 for Silvester which also received the Grand Prix at Oberhausen as well as the Jury Special Award at the Animation Film Festival in Stuttgart. His other films include: Neulich 1 (1998), Fisimatenten (2000), Neulich 2 (2000), and Neulich 3 (2002).