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Michael Keusch grew up in Bochum and has been living in the USA for the last 20 years. He studied Directing on a scholarship at the American Film Institute, followed by further training at the Alberta Institute of Technology in Canada. His films include: He’s My Girl II (1992), Samurai Cowboy (1993), Double Cross – eine heisse Intrige (1994), Lena’s Holiday (1991), episodes for the television series Outer Limits (1995), Sliders (1995), Extreme and PoltergeistI (1996), and the German TV movies Das ist dein Ende (1994), Der Parkhausmoerder, Die Sexfalle (1997), Liebe mich bis in den Tod (1998), Maedchenhandel – Das schmutzige Geschaeft mit der Lust (1999), Victor – Der Schutzengel (2000), Todeslust (2001), Zwei Affaeren und eine Hochzeit, and A2 Racer (Autobahnraser, 2003).