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Wolf Gaudlitz was born in Bavaria and spent his childhood there, as well as in Palermo, Lisbon and other parts of the world. He has worked in various capacities, including as an actor, in Italy with Federico Fellini, in Korea with Im Kwon-Taek, and in Germany with Wolfgang Petersen and Michael Verhoeven, among others, and has received several prizes and awards. On the occasion of various retrospectives of his films, the Sueddeutsche Zeitung wrote: "Gaudlitz makes the kind of European cinema of which others can only dream." His films include: DER VIOLINCELLIST, DAS MOSAIK UND FASETTENAUGE, FLUCH(T) AUS DEM CHAOS, WINTERANFANG, AUS EINEM DEUTSCHEN REQUIEM (shorts, 1983), MOTIVSUCHE FÜR EIN DEUTSCHLANDPORTRAIT (TV, 1984), BALLATA BALLARÓ (TV, 1985), L'OPÉRA ODER MUSIK ENTSTEHT AUS DER STILLE (1986), DIE VÄTER DES NARDINO (1989), BLAUE WÜSTE (1992), GEZÄHLTE TAGE (1993), TAXI LISBOA (1996), PALERMO SCHREIT NICHT (TV, 1999), PALERMO WHISPERS (PALERMO FLÜSTERT, 2001), and SAHARA SALAAM (2014).