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Wolfgang Dickmann has been a director of photography since 1973. He became the first European to successfully use the Steadycam when he worked with Niklaus Schilling on Der Willi-Busch-Report in 1979. He received a German Film Award in 1983 for Schilling's Der Westen leuchtet and German Camera Prize nominations for Uwe Friessner's Baby and Hans-Christoph Blumenberg's Der Sommer des Samurai. He has since been cinematographer of around 50 TV plays and 17 cinema films, including John Derek's Tarzan, Soenke Wortmann's Mr. Bluesman and Georg Stefan Troller's Mord aus Liebe. He has also taken on directing chores since 1994 on TV productions like Annas Geheimnis and the two-parter Freiwild and his first project for the cinema, Jimmy The Kid (1997). His last film as a director was Die Bergwacht - Duell am Abgrund (TV, 2000).