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Hans-Christoph Blumenberg was born in Lychen/Mark Brandenburg in 1947 and studied History and German in Cologne and Washington, D.C. He worked for many years as a film critic for Die Zeit and Koelner Stadt-Anzeiger and has written books on Howard Hawks, Robert Siodmak and cinema under the Third Reich. He also directed 23 documentaries for television from 1970-1982 about cinema. In 1984, he made his feature directorial debut with Tausend Augen and set up the production company Rotwang Film with Patrick Brandt in 1993 and his own production company Feuerland Film in 2007. His other films include: Der Sommer des Samurai (1986), Operation Madonna (Der Madonna-Mann, 1987), Rotwang muss weg! (1994), Beim naechsten Kuss knall ich ihn nieder (1995), Deutschlandspiel (TV, 2000), Hirnschal gegen Hitler (TV, 2000), Planet der Kannibalen (2001), Die letzte Schlacht (TV, 2004), and Waiting for Angelina (Warten auf Angelina, 2008).