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Harald Sicheritz was born in 1959 in Stockholm and studied Communication and Political Science in Vienna. He is not only successful as a director, but is also the founder, writer and bassist of the music group Wiener Wunder and is a lector at the Institute for Communication Sciences and was a lecturer for Film and Music in the Film and Television Dept. at the University of Music and Performing Arts in Vienna. Also active as a director for various television series and commercials, his theatrical features include: MUTTERTAG (1993), FREISPIEL (1995), HINTERHOLZ 8 (1997), WANTED (1999), POPPITZ (2002), MA 2412 - DIE STAATSDIENER (2003), DARUM (2007), HEXE LILLI - DIE REISE NACH MANDOLAN (2010), and 3FALTIG (2010).